Crankshaft Pulley for sale, new Single 4d56 Diesel Engine Crankshaft Pulley 23124 - 42001 For MITSUBISHI of YOUNG STAR MOTOR CO.,LTD. from China.
Jul 07, 2007 · For the next power upgrade, check the specs of a common rail DID 4D56 in Thailand, the specs for both DID and standard are just prior to the "L200 Introduction" chapter near the beginning of the article. Also this site has a great glossary of terms.
Mitsubishi 4d56 Turbo Diesel Engine mitsubishi 4D56 engine, Cylinder Head Bolt torque. With throttle body Step 1 = Tighten Bolts 22 lb.ft, 29 Nm Step 2 = Turn bolts 120 to 124 degrees Without throttle body Step 1 = Tighten Bolts 87 lb.ft, 118 Nm Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine specs, bolt torques, manuals Details about Mitsubishi 4D55 or 4D56 ...
1986-96 TRITON 4D56-T ENGINE 2477CC 4 CYLINDER SOHC Power 56kw (75hp) at 4200rpm, Torque 147Nm at 3000rpm Please call us at 07 3808 4225 or send us an email: [email protected]